Accounting Software Set-up and Customization

  • Turn Key Accounting Software for small business 
  • Full account set up personalized for your business 
  • Includes: All Revenue accounts, Cost of Goods Sold accounts, Expense accounts (set up to reflect tax allowable deductions), Frequent Suppliers and Clients set up 
  • All required users set up with username and passwords 
  • Full Collaborative software – share with your accountant or investors 
  • 1 half day training session to ensure the software is understood 
  • Up to 3 hours of support at any time during your use 

Feasibility Analysis Report - is your idea/product viable?

  • Business Idea Analysis 
  • Market Analysis 
  • Competitive Advantage Analysis 
  • Financial Feasibility Analysis 
  • Final Recommendations/Considerations 

Business Plan
Thorough analysis of what considerations should be made when running your business. 
Your tailored Business Plan is for setting business focus and aligning to future goals 
Often needed and used for investor, bank, or government funding 


  • Executive Summary 
  • Business Strategy 
  • Marketing Strategy 
  • Operational Plan 
  • Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats Analysis 
  • Financial Forecasts and Other information 
  • Business Exit Strategy 


  • Human Resources Plan (as required)
  • Social Responsibility Strategy 
  • E-Business Strategy 
  • Additional Resources
  • Ad hoc Requests